Why we should use sms marketing?


Advanced technologies:

SMS Marketing is the main key for making more money nowadays, because EVERYONE will read their received SMS !

There is many reason why you should using text mobile marketing for your marketing campaign. Not to mention the other advertising method is not good, but we are strongly suggest that mobile marketing play an important roles to increase your sales!

  • apply-icon Less marketing cost.
  • apply-icon Powerfull features and sms campaign.
  • apply-icon Eliminate our competitors in business.
  • apply-icon Create awareness about our branding.
  • apply-icon Advertise our product directly to
  •        prospect.
  • apply-icon Reading SMS only took 90 second
  •        and below.
  • apply-icon More professional and trusted for
  •        our business.
  • apply-icon We can have unlimited campaign
  •         and address book.
  • apply-icon 95% of texts are open within five
  •        minutes of receipt!
  • apply-icon Everybody have at least 1 handphone
  •        in their pocket.
  • apply-icon There are more cellular phones are in
  •         use today than televisions!


Premium SMS features

ON CINTA, AF UNDI ? Yes, we also can set up our own sms system like that. Who said that system only for big company ? We also can have it!

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Less cost,more profit

Flat rate price for bulk sms to all telco’s. Only cost tiny cent, but harvest big profits. In a long run, this text mobile marketing will cut administrative cost sharply. Return of investment more faster, profit increasing more higher!

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Bulk SMS campaign

Bulk SMS campaign to spread our advertising to 1000 person in just one second. You can have unlimited address book on your system. 1 million receipient ? No problem!

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Professional branding

We believe there are many people still remember about AF UNDI, VOTE MLM. AF stand for Akademi Fantasia – why not our company also do the same ? More professional look, increase our branding awareness!

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What our clients are saying?

We are providing sms marketing system with less cost. In the past few month many small and large companies have trusted us to help their companies to reduce marketing cost. Here is just a sample of what they have to say about the services we provide.

  • 398007_2682063946591_864261456_nWhat I can say, this sms features have reduce my marketing cost, moreover, mouth to mouth advertising is great. How ? Premium SMS is the answer!

    Shahira, Pesona Ratu Salon.
  • tudungJualan tudung dan kebaya moden saya semakin meningkat! Design terbaru sekejap sahaja out of stock. Caranya ? Hebahkan melalui sms kepada para agent jualan saya !

    Faradhiana Hamid, Anggun Boutique.


  • 223529_10151266967656932_799956606_nSekali blast sms, 20 30 sale berjaya dilakukan.Modal kurang dari RM2. Pemasaran sms merupakan suatu kaedah alternatif yang menguntungkan!

    Khairul Fadhli, MuslimNiaga.com
  • 312099_158542410984476_272949226_nSemua sms follow up saya berjaya dapat sales. Kos marketing yang amat murah berbanding kaedah pemasaran offline yang lain.

    Megalai Sikamany, Full Time Insurance Agent.


  • 304910_10152034486470595_1919881198_aSMS Marketing accelerate my information more faster! My clients and my buyers are very happy with the news update given via sms about the latest properties auction being held.

    K.T Lee, Property Consultants.
  • 417955_4180452809048_861536170_nI’m using premium sms marketing to inform my customer about the latest gadgets and discount if they bring their friends too. More repeat sales, more profit. Less marketing cost.

    Vincent Tan, Lowyatt Entreprenuer

Some of the companies that uses PSMS.my

PSMS.my provides you with simple text mobile marketing – bulk sms, and premium sms. Many companies and individual are satisfied by our service to reduce their marketing cost and gain more repeat sales. They trusted us and strongly suggested that mobile marketing is more powerfull  for advertising purpose:

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